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Information for students

To be eligible for a work placement abroad through IAESTE Sweden, you are required to be studying in Sweden in a full degree programme for 3-5 years. Unfortunately, we have no possibility to help students only studying in Sweden for a 2-year Master’s degree. In case you are a 2-year Master’s student, an exchange student or similar you should check the possibilities to apply through the IAESTE-committee in your home country.

In case you have found a training placement abroad by yourself, IAESTE Sweden will be able to assist you with work permit. The administration fee for this service is SEK 1000. For further information please email

IAESTE Sweden has no possibilities to directly arrange training placements for students in other countries – all internships are exchanged between the IAESTE organisations on national level. If you are living outside Sweden, please apply through the IAESTE-committee in your home country.

Information for companies

IAESTE is an international, non-profit organisation founded right after World War II, in a time when increased cooperation across borders was on top of the agenda. Sweden was one of the ten founding IAESTE member countries back then, in 1948. We have ever since been committed to the same spirit – to promote cultural and professional exchange, new perspectives and strengthened international networks.

For whom?
Most of IAESTE’s internships are in the science and technology field, but we also provide many placements within areas such as architecture and economy.  Thanks to IAESTE’s extensive international network – you can find us in over 80 countries worldwide – we are able to recruit and match qualified students with appropriate internships, in accordance with employers’ demands.

Our service to you
IAESTE will help you with the all the administrative arrangements, including work permits and tax office registration. In case you are already in contact with a student, whom you are interested in hiring for an internship, we can also offer our help with these matters. IAESTE’s network of local committees helps the intern to find accommodation, opening a bank account as well as arranges social activities. There are local offices in Lund, Linköping, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala, Umeå and Luleå.

Internships may vary in length between 2-18 months, in accordance with the employer’s wishes. The salary paid to the student should cover basic living costs plus some allowance. In Sweden, minimum internship wage is 15.000 SEK/month. The student pays tax on income, usually 20 per cent. She or he also pays travel costs, rent, insurance, etc. Our services are provided to you via IAESTE’s membership fee of 6000 SEK/year.

We will be happy to discuss more in detail what we can offer your company or organization – do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Please phone +46 31-772 2356 or email

Our partners 

Kiruna Wagon is regularly receiving internship students from different countries via IAESTE. It is has proved to be an invaluable opportunity to learn about different cultures and to get contacts in countries that we want to expand our business to. We only accept top students and they get to work hard on real projects. José Maria is a part of our engineering team that is developing a ground-breaking modular railroad wagon. A wagon that can be transformed for totally different purposes depending on the transport need of the day. In the end, this will make railroad transports more flexible and affordable, which in turn will lower the environmental impact of freight.
– Bengt Bolsöy, Technical Manager, Kiruna Wagon