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031-772 23 56
Anders Fredén
Anders Fréden, National Secretary

Anders Fréden is the national secretary of IAESTE Sweden
overall responsible for operations and administration throughout the country.
The national office is located at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg


Phone: 031-772 23 56

Plusgiro: 5 33 95-0

Organization number:

Visit and postal address:
Chalmers university of technology
Sven Hultins gata 8, floor 3
412 58 Gothenburg

Our local committees

The chairmen of our seven local student committees ensure that everything goes smoothly with the recruitment of students and, together with their local committees, market our places abroad. In addition, the committees work to receive foreign trainees to each city and arrange a lot of fun activities.

Contact the Chairman for local issues!

Fiddeli Olofsson
Chairman Luleå
Linnea Sjökvist
Chairman Lund
IAESTE Linköping
Jesper Hill
Chairman Linköping
IAESTE Stockholm
Hossein Bakhtiari
Chairman Stockholm
IAESTE Uppsala logo
Praveen Swamy
Chairman Uppsala
Conrad Jonsson
Chairman Umeå
Monika Arvidsson
Chairman Gothenburg
The national coordinators

The national team works to keep together all the work that the local committees do and has an overall role. It is never wrong to contact the coordinates, they can always either reply or forward you!

The national team can be reached at

IAESTE Sweden logo
Jansu Ali
National Local Committee Coordinator
IAESTE Sweden logo
Pontus Hult
National Jobraising Coordinator
IAESTE Sweden logo
National Exchange Coordinator
IAESTE Sweden logo
Kani Talabani
National PR Coordinator
IAESTE Sweden logo
Kevin Träff
National IT Coordinator
IAESTE Sweden logo
Daniel Boothe
Nationell Alumni Coordinator
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