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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
Below you can find information directed towards employers, students and to future trainees coming to Sweden. For further information about IAESTE visit iaeste.org, link at the bottom of this page or contact us!

We serve 4000 students, 3000 employers and 1000 academic institutions through career-focused professional internships abroad, social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities in more than 80 countries worldwide.

IAESTEs aims to offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees, to be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host communities and to provide students with technical experience relevant to their studies.


We match our students to your requirements, whether short or long term, general or specialised, we can help you find the right people to have a positive impact in your workplace. IAESTE operates a year-round exchange which means that we can find you the right person, with the right qualifications at the right time for you.

IAESTE is a cost effective way of recruiting talented, motivated students that can make a real difference to your business. At the same time you will contribute to IAESTEs mission to promote international understanding. 

This is how it works!

Submit an Offer of training-form

The Employer specifies the work offered. IAESTE trainees cover the whole spectrum of science, engineering and applied arts subjects.

You can stipulate criteria such as: subject area; specialisation; level of study; technical experience, language requirements, nationality and duration.
Applications from 1000 universities
Students are carefully selected through a stringent, 3-tier selection process from a pool of over 1000 universities worldwide.
The best are presented to the employer.
The employer always have the last say in accepting a student.
IAESTE organizes all paperwork
This includes visa/work, tax-application, insurance, accommodation etc.
Receive your student!
Strengthen the intercultural competence of your team and enrich your daily working life!
Social activities
IAESTEs volunteer students are there for your intern the moment he or she arrives. Giving the security of social integration.

Offer of training- form

This document needs to be filled in by you as an Employer. Once this is ready and signed we will start the search for your next colleague. 

Contact us!

For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. This email goes to IAESTE Sweden National Secretary who’s situated at Chalmers in Göteborg.

Download brochure

Download this information brochure to show your co-workers!


Promoting international understanding through exchanging students worldwide

What is an internship?

IAESTE offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad. Operating in over 80 countries, IAESTE can send you to parts of the world you never even thought about! All IAESTE traineeships are paid, course related and give you the chance to fully immerse yourself in a new country and culture. IAESTE trainees are part of a world-wide network and are supported through the entire application process. From work permits and visas, to accommodation and a social program, IAESTE makes it easy for you to get on with the job of developing your skills and enjoying the culture.

Why an internship?

In an increasingly competitive job market, much has been said about the need to gain relevant work experience before graduation. Work experience gained abroad enhances your independence and flexibility, communication and foreign language skills, and contributes to your personal and academic development. Employers know that if students have successfully overcome the challenges brought on by international work experience, they will stand out from the crowd at interview.

Who is it for?

To be eligible for a work placement abroad through IAESTE Sweden, you are required to be a student in Sweden for at least a full semester. If you do not fulfill these requirements of for want to apply at another time in your studies we encourage you to contact IAESTE at your university or in your country. Check iaeste.org to find contact details for your IAESTE country.

How to apply

1. All available internships are displayed on our exchange platform iaeste.net. Register as a student and make sure to fill in ALL details. Your IAESTE committee is “Sweden”.

2. Find your internship (a maximum if five) and send an email to sweden@iaeste.se with the reference number, in the order of priority if you chose more then one internship. The internship will then be unlocked for you and you can fill in details and create the Nomination Form required in the application (Nomination Document). In the email, please attach the parts of your application you have so we can asses your fit. 

Once you are nominated on the platform: put all required documents in one PDF and upload as Nomination Document.

  • Signed Student Nomination form
  • Personal statement aimed to the employer
  • CV
  • Transcript showing that you are registered within a University in Sweden
  • Grades
  • Copy of passport
  • For som countries: Certificate of English skills
  • For Architects: Portfolio

3. You will be informed during the selection process. The first selection is done by IAESTE Sweden and is based on the employers requirements in the Student PDF. Students without international experience will be prioritized in case of equal student qualifications.

4. The company always has the final word in the recruitment process and once dates and everything is decides you are accepted! 

5. Make sure to have the most out of your new adventure! We in IAESTE will love hearing about your experiences. 

We gladly support you during the entire process and help you find your adventure. Good luck!

Coming to Sweden?

We have put together the most important information you might need. Any questions, contact us! IAESTE Sweden will be your safety net before and during your day! See you!