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There are some things to keep in mind before leaving for an internship – IAESTE could help out with many of these.


Everybody participating in IAESTE’s internship exchange must have health and accident insurance that is valid abroad. It can be quite costly to be uninsured! IAESTE recommends Swisscare who offers this full coverage insurance:

IAESTE Swecare insurance

If you are an EU citizen going to practice in another EU country, you should have basic insurance, please consult the relevant authority in your home country which rules apply specifically.


In case a visa is required, IAESTE in the receiving country will assist you with the visa process.


When travelling to some countries, it is recommended to get vaccinated – so do check some time before leaving if this may be applicable to your destination.


IAESTE at your destination is happy to answer questions on their country’s culture, dress codes etc. After acceptance, you will get a contact person that you could turn to with any questions regarding this or other questions.


In some countries, credit card payments are not as widespread as for instance here in Sweden. It comes recommended to check out what are the frequent ways of payment at the destination, how things work with cash and credit cards. In some countries, it is preferable to bring cash already before arriving.


If your internship is within the EU/EES area you may be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship. Please get in touch with the responsible person in your university for further info on this.

IAESTE has no scholarships of its own.

Don’t forget to write and take photos!

You may be on your way to the adventure of your life. Make sure to document your memories. Every autumn IAESTE Sweden holds an essay competition where the number one contributor wins 2 000 SEK. Info about this competition is sent out by email to all trainees.

We are keen to use your photos – on this home page or through other channels to inspire more students to go for internships, just like you. Someone probably inspired you to go – and we would like to spark others too! Warmly welcome to email photos from your internship – from your work or leisure time – to us on

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