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IAESTE’s internships are open during any time of your academic studies – in many cases also within a year after a finished degree.

How to apply
Paid internships – amazing possibilities to experience new cultures!

IAESTE’s internships give amazing opportunities to experience other countries and different cultures. We are represented in nearly 90 countries, on all continents. As an intern, you will get valuable experiences that are both relevant for your studies and that will enhance your CV for the future. Also, all IAESTE’s internships are paid! Salaries vary – depending on country and employer – but will always at least cover food and lodging.

As an IAESTE student, you will always have a surrounding network with people around you. The local IAESTE organization on your location will assist you in finding housing and will invite you to different social activities. You will also get help with all things administrative, like visa and work permit applications and opening a bank account. Travelling with IAESTE will give you access to our international network community and you will make friends for life!

Most internships have English as working language. In some cases there are other or additional language requirements – check each offer description for info.


All outgoing students are encouraged to write an essay – or tell their internship story through another media.

Testimonials from Swedish students International testimonials

The film below was created by David Petterson during his internship in Colombia in 2016 – at the time he was a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student at Chalmers University of Technology

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